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BEing a (hobby) farmer

It’s the strangest of things.. how easy it is to fall in love with a goat, or a sheep, a little pig and some chickens. The idea gets set in your mind that it would be so much fun to have some livestock. Chickens-… Continue Reading “BEing a (hobby) farmer”

First comes pigs, then comes……RATS!!!

The saying that someone “eats like a pig” makes perfect sense once you have heard a pig munch on something. They smack.. loudly! Although it’s adorable in the pig pen, it’s not quite as adorable at the dinner table. They also make a mess… Continue Reading “First comes pigs, then comes……RATS!!!”

Small Pigs, Big Attitudes

I would never have believed I would fall totally in love with pigs!! After all, it’s not the type of animal I ever dreamed of as a kid- or an adult!!