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Pursuing a(nother) dream; Pastore della Sila, the Italian Sila Shepherd.

About 4 years ago we got our little Gracie, a cockapoo. Scott was working from home at the time and she became his “first” real dog. I say first with quotation marks, as he had had several dogs in his life before me and… Continue Reading “Pursuing a(nother) dream; Pastore della Sila, the Italian Sila Shepherd.”

Quitting is not giving up!

In all honesty, I do I say my fair share of “I quit!”, “I’ve HAD it” and “I’m not doing this anymore”. Especially when I find myself trying to wrangle some creature more stubborn than I – and faster and sometimes much bigger! Or… Continue Reading “Quitting is not giving up!”

Lambing season

I should probably call it lambing weekend, not season, but since I had one that was bread almost 2 months later I’m still calling it season! Since we are AI:ing (artificially inseminating) we have the luxury of being able to pretty much pinpoint when… Continue Reading “Lambing season”

Easter Chicks and miracles!

Easter is a time of renewal and of life. Spring has arrived with daffodils and other spring flowers, the lawns and pastures are slowly turning greener, the leaves are budding on the trees, and in my incubator lay 21 eggs ready to hatch. There… Continue Reading “Easter Chicks and miracles!”


With the changing seasons come different tasks on our little farm. We’ve been owning livestock for over a year now and have experienced farming in every season including my least favorite one, the mud-season (which frankly covers much of fall, winter and spring). Mud… Continue Reading “Seasons”

” To eat or not to eat… meat… that is a question”

I’ve been asked more than once if I’m really going to eat any of the animals we have or will raise. It’s an interesting question. Last fall my daughter Annika, my mom and I drove to southern Virginia to visit SVU, one of the… Continue Reading “” To eat or not to eat… meat… that is a question””

Mother’s Day!!

It’s the end of Mother’s Day and my heart is full of gratitude! Walking out I am surrounded by my ewes who are proving to be wonderful mothers. When I look at how the sheep love and care for their lambs it makes me… Continue Reading “Mother’s Day!!”

Heartache and fear

In these strange times of COVID-19 where everything is uncharted territory I wish to add my sincere hope and wishes that you, your family and friends all are doing well. And if you are one of the many who are not, I’m adding my… Continue Reading “Heartache and fear”

shepherds needed

Believing we would have our first lambs due in May we had planned to attend a lambing clinic on March 14th. Our surprise lamb (surprise because mom turned out to be pregnant when we bought her) proved that when it comes to farming it… Continue Reading “shepherds needed”

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Chickens are unbelievable! If you have never had chickens, and live somewhere where you are able to keep them, my advice is: Get some!! Chickens are popular among all sorts of people everywhere and for all kinds of different reasons. Ours just started laying… Continue Reading “Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?”