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Mother’s Day!!

It’s the end of Mother’s Day and my heart is full of gratitude! Walking out I am surrounded by my ewes who are proving to be wonderful mothers. When I look at how the sheep love and care for their lambs it makes me… Continue Reading “Mother’s Day!!”

Heartache and fear

In these strange times of COVID-19 where everything is uncharted territory I wish to add my sincere hope and wishes that you, your family and friends all are doing well. And if you are one of the many who are not, I’m adding my… Continue Reading “Heartache and fear”

shepherds needed

Believing we would have our first lambs due in May we had planned to attend a lambing clinic on March 14th. Our surprise lamb (surprise because mom turned out to be pregnant when we bought her) proved that when it comes to farming it… Continue Reading “shepherds needed”

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Chickens are unbelievable! If you have never had chickens, and live somewhere where you are able to keep them, my advice is: Get some!! Chickens are popular among all sorts of people everywhere and for all kinds of different reasons. Ours just started laying… Continue Reading “Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?”

Running Hot and Cold

My sheep have been running very hot these days, with temperatures in the almost 60’s. They’ve been panting under the weight of their lovely wool. It’s been, for the most part, a very warm winter and their heavy coats have made them stay out… Continue Reading “Running Hot and Cold”

Counting Sheep

I confess, I’m a “counter”. I take the dogs out and go “1-2-3,” or I will say, “black, brown, blonde, good, I have them all”. It was easier with the kids, since I only had two, it was more a matter of making sure… Continue Reading “Counting Sheep”

What happened to January?

Finding time to enjoy my daily chores with Waffles overseeing my work It’s already the beginning of February and I’m asking myself where the usually long and endless January went. January is my least favorite month; it’s usually cold and dark and dreary and… Continue Reading “What happened to January?”

Small Pigs, Big Attitudes

I would never have believed I would fall totally in love with pigs!! After all, it’s not the type of animal I ever dreamed of as a kid- or an adult!!

Meal worms? Check. It looked good on paper!!

I love to check off items from a to do list. It gives me such a great feeling, I just love it! I’ve even been known to write a list once I completed something just so I could check it off which probably is… Continue Reading “Meal worms? Check. It looked good on paper!!”

Sheep won’t follow an unknown shepherd(ess)

Normal people get a farm and then animals. We are NOT normal people. We decided to start farming without having barns and fencing and places to store feed, and instead we are building fencing and shelters as the animals are arriving. For the sake… Continue Reading “Sheep won’t follow an unknown shepherd(ess)”