Happy New 2021!

All the animals were settled with new bedding and clean pens in time for Christmas Eve so we would be able to have a relaxing Christmas Day. HA. How does that saying go? Fate laughs when you plan? Or something along those lines. Christmas Eve came and so did the rain storm and winds. When I looked outside on Christmas Day morning I felt my heart sink while wondering if the Meishans were actually still in their pen- the winds had brought down several trees and broken several fence posts and crushed fencing in many places, one being their pen. Oh well.. We spent most of the day clearing out mud and fixing fences. But we did it together and all the animals were fine which was the most important part.

One very special Christmas gift: We have welcomed 6 Swedish Flower Hens to our farm. Not only are they a Swedish breed, but they stem from my part of the country! Granted, when I lived in Sweden I never once knew that there were different kinds of chicken breeds. I was a typical city girl in spite of my love for animals. Apparently you are never so Swedish as when you live abroad! It helps that they fit in well with our little farm; the breed is rather rare still, are incredibly pretty and lay extra large eggs. They are what is called a land race which means they developed by them selves simply from the strongest ones continuing on. They are intelligent, calm and friendly birds.. and I’m crossing my fingers (and toes) that the two young cockerels we got turn into very friendly roosters. If you read my last post- our Oreo tuned into a bit of a night mare (and has found a new home!). I’m told the Swedish Flower Hen roosters ( they are called Flower Hens even if they are male simply because of the pattern of their feathers which resembles flower petals) usually co-exist well in a flock, and with Oreo gone there are definitely more than enough hens around for both of them. I’m already excited for eggs to hatch and new little chicks to welcome.

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