Pork for sale.

Email us at Gratitudeacres@yahoo.com for more information.

7/30/22 We have a big Tamworth sow that will be scheduled for the butcher. Contact us if you are interested. She is pasture raised and have been finished on fermented barley and wheat.

Our pork is sold as whole or half hogs. We will give you the option to choose how you would like your meat, different cuts etc. and you can either pick it up at the butcher yourself, or we are happy to pick it up for you as long as you then pick it up the same day. It will arrive vacuum sealed and frozen (and our freezer space is limited).

Want a smaller pig for a whole pig roast? Contact us about availability.

We sell pure bred Meishan or Meishan, Mangalitsa & Tamworth mixes. We cross our Meishans with Mangalitsa and Tamworth for the best flavor and quality meat, and our Meishalista customers love the end product. Contact us to see what’s available.

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