Organic Eggs and Produce

Organic Eggs

Our chickens are still growing! They won’t start laying eggs until they are about 6 months old- which will be in April, hopefully!!

Our chickens forage outside daily, and love company. When I walk around in the yard, I’m now followed by 3 dogs and the 8 chickens! If you have never had a “homegrown” fresh egg you are in for a treat. Other than tasting much better, fresh eggs have a much more brightly colored yoke. A yoke usually gets paler the older the egg is. We have mostly brown egg layers, but we also have hens that lay green and blue tinted eggs. (All eggs, no matter the color of the shell, have the same nutrients and taste!)

We feed our chicken only natural soy free and non medicated, feed. Instead of feeding with medicated feed, we chose to prevent and support their health with herbal solutions, like for instance adding a mix of oregano oil and other herbs to their water to combat parasites and support digestive health.
We focus on making their living conditions in the coop as healthy as possible. We have also started growing our own, organic meal-worms in order to be able to offer them a healthy protein rich snack.


True to our idea about being a small but bio-diverse farm we are choosing a variety of different kinds of produce. Take our “mini- orchard” for instance, We planted apple and peach trees in the fall of 2019. Among the apples trees we have Gala, McIntosh, Jonathan, Honeycrisp and Fuji.

Our 6 peach trees all have lose pits, meaning that they should be easy to take the pit out of if you will use them for cooking. We have Elberta, Reliance and Hale Haven Peaches.

We also planted 4 blueberry bushes, cause who doesn’t like blueberries?

This winter we will plan for the 2020 growing season so stay tuned. All I know for certain is that we are growing a variety of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, pumpkins carrots, potatoes, beans, salad greens and herbs.

Update: Our soil needs WORK. It basically consists of only a few inches of top soil, and then CLAY. It is also super alkaline to boot. Solution: Spring of 2020 we will grow our produce in straw bales, stay tuned.

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