Mangalitsa Pigs

The Mangalitsa, or Mangalica is a Hungarian breed of pig and the only wooly pig. The Mangalitsa is also called “the pig that looks like a sheep and acts like a dog”, and it’s entirely true! These pigs are intelligent, friendly, curious and funny. They are also extremely good foragers. Since they are a lard pig and have beautifully red, marbled meat, and are a slower growing breed they don’t fit into the commercial pig breeding business of fast growing “the other white meat” type of swine. As a matter of fact, this breed was almost extinct not so long ago, but are now slowly increasing in numbers.

As mentioned, the Mangalitsa has been said to have the best tasting meat of any of the breeds. The Spanish Mangalica Ham is long cured and a delicatessen you have to pay $400 and more for. When we first started looking into the breed, we naturally got some Mangalitsa Pork chops to compare to the regular store chops.. thumbs up for Mangalitsa pork in our house.

One regular store bought pork chop and two Mangalitsa pork chops… what a difference!!

We have one boar and 2 females, and once they all are old enough we will hopefully have a bunch of little ones!

Contact us if you are interested in getting either feeder pigs or meat!

Piglets are due to arrive somewhere towards the end of July/beginning of August 2020- that is if they all behave as planned, but we will be sure to keep you posted!

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