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Expected 7/29/2021- Our very first MEISHALISTAS!!!

Our wonderful and sweet Meishan boar Jing and our quirky Mangalitsa sow Olivia are expecting! We are so excited about this mix.. and so are our customers! We have already received a down payment on a gilt- and she’s not even born yet! From what we have read, this mix brings out the very best in each breed but at a faster growing rate. Olivia is a wonderful and attentive mom, and we are hoping this upcoming litter will get the best of both the breeds!


We are equally enthusiastic about Rosie, our rose red pureblooded Tamworth gilt having bred with Jing. We have yet to confirm the pregnancy, but if she took (we doubt she didn’t!!) babies are arriving around 9/23/21. We are thrilled to have our beautiful Tamworth, “the ultimate bacon pig” and hope that the mix of Meishan with it’s red marbled meat and the Tamworth will compliment each other well. The future is exciting, contact us or check back if interested!

Born 11/24/20

Sow: Olivia (Swallowbelly/Blonde) Boar: Oliver (Red/Swallowbelly)

Piglets 1 & 2) Male Swallowbellies (SOLD)

Piglet 3) Female Swallowbelly (SOLD)

Piglets 3 & 5) Female Strawberry Blondes (SOLD)

Born 1/11/21

Sow: Peppa (Blonde Mangalitsa) Boar: Oliver (Red/Swalllowbelly Mangalitsa)

5 Males (4 SOLD)

2 Females (1 SOLD)

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