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Expected Litters 2022

Pure bred Meishans. Sow: Ai Ren Boar: Jing Due date 3/22/22

Meishalistas Sow: Olivia Boar: Peng You Due date 3/25/22

Tamworth/Meishan Sow: Rosie Boar Jing Due Date 5.29/22

We let our litters leave at 8 weeks old. Because pigs are so social, and piglets need to play and cuddle up with a buddy, there is a minimum of 2 piglets if you are interested in purchasing from us. This can be waived if you already have a same age playmate.

Born 11/6/21, Meishalistas

Meishalistas out of Peng You and Pepita. Curious and sweet. 3 gilts available. Peng you is now sold, so this will be the last of this combination. We are very happy with them and retained a boar out of this litter.

Born 7/30/21, Meishalistas

Meishalistas out of Olivia and Jing. 4 gilts available and getting big!!

Born 9/23/21 Tamworth/Meishan mix

Rosie and Jing made great looking piglets. Fastest growing of our mixes, should make excellent meat pigs.

All sold

Born 11/24/20 Mangalitsas

Sow: Olivia (Swallowbelly/Blonde) Boar: Oliver (Red/Swallowbelly)

All sold.

Born 1/11/21, Mangalitsas

Sow: Peppa (Blonde Mangalitsa) Boar: Oliver (Red/Swalllowbelly Mangalitsa)

1 barrow left. Will go to the butcher in 2022. Available as whole or half if interested in pork.

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