Pigs for Sale

Born 7/30, Meishalistas!

Our wonderful and sweet Meishan boar Jing and our quirky Mangalitsa sow Olivia had a beautiful litter! We are so excited about this mix.. and so are our customers! These piglets are growing rapidly which is exciting. We only have 3 gilts left.

Born 9/23/21, Tamworth/Meishan mix

We are equally enthusiastic about Rosie, our rose red pureblooded Tamworth gilt having bred with Jing. Rosie had a beautiful first litter of 7! We are very excited about this mix and are hoping that the meat will be all we hoped for! Currently we have 4 piglets left available.

Born 11/24/20

Sow: Olivia (Swallowbelly/Blonde) Boar: Oliver (Red/Swallowbelly)

All piglets sold.

Born 1/11/21

Sow: Peppa (Blonde Mangalitsa) Boar: Oliver (Red/Swalllowbelly Mangalitsa)

1 barrow left.

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