We recently acquired two new little ones, a gilt and a boar, and are looking forward seeing them grow and mature!!

Upcoming Litters

We are expecting” Meishalistas” around July 2021- a cross between our Mangalitsa sow and Meishan boar!


Jao-Zi (Meaning dumpling in Chinese) is turning out to be a beautiful gilt with great conformation, good size, great feet, short snout and of course the wonderful floppy ears of a Meishan. Her coloring is classic Meishan as it should be. She is a real sweetheart to be around. So far she has not gotten pregnant which is a concern, but we’re giving her time.

Ai Ren (means Sweetheart) is about 8 weeks old in this picture, and I just love her expression here. She’s super friendly and easy going- just as she should be! She won’t be ready to breed until next year.


Jing (meaning whale in Chinese- so named because of his snorting!!) is the most fabulous boar I have ever had the pleasure to work with when it comes to his temperament and disposition. Always pleasant and for ever the gentleman even when there are sows in heat around him. He truly has the optimal Meishan character and I’m hoping he will share that with his offspring. He has proved to us he knows what he’s doing and we’re excited to see his first littler of “Meishalistas”!!

This is our little Peng You– meaning Friend. Originally we were going to neuter him as he came along as a friend to our Ai Ren, but he is such a sweet little guy and we think he has such potential that we’re letting him grow. Time will tell!

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