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For questions or inquiries about availability, please call/text 508-344-9820 or email: GratitudeAcres@yahoo.com

Adults Available

Due to the small size of our farm, we have to keep the number of pigs here pretty steady, which means that we will sometimes offer an adult pig.

Check with us for availability.


The picture above shows our two Meishalista sows. They are sisters and farrowed together and nurse each other’s piglets who are happy to always have one momma on hand if the other is busy! They have a wonderful disposition and are great moms.

Ai-Ren, Pure Meishan. Adorable, a wonderful momma- she raised all 14 of her piglets as a first-time momma to be round, happy little hooligans running all over our farm. Love it!

Ai-Ren at 8 weeks!

Below is a picture of three of our current breeding girls, the two Meishalistas and little Rosalita, our half Tamworth, half Meishan girl. She is smaller than the others, because she is younger. She has not been bred yet. She has the Meishan chill temperament with other pigs and also their piglets! Can’t wait to see her first litter!

Better picture to come!


Jing (meaning whale in Chinese- so named because of his snorting!!) is the most fabulous boar I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Always pleasant and forever the gentleman even when there are sows in heat around him. He truly has the optimal Meishan character which he passes it on to his offspring. He has several litters on the ground and we love what he brings!

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