The Meishan is one of the oldest domesticated breed in the world and has been around for 5000 years. A purebread Meishan is grey to black in color with a white/pink stomach and sparse hair growth. They have white socks or legs, long hanging ears, and a short wrinkly snout that should have various amount of pink (An all black nose is a sign of another breed). The Meishans are less prone to rooting than many other breeds, but they are pigs, and ALL pigs root. They are the dogs of the pig world insomuch that they love human company and are happiest when given attention. I have never met another breed quite like the Meishan and am completely in love with this breed that looks like a mix between Eeyore the donkey and a Sharpei (dog breed), but sounds like a happy squeaky toy. They tend to be long and lean looking with hanging stomachs, and size wise they get to around 3-400 lbs fully grown. All these traits have made them stand out to us since they are perfect for our small farm. They are a lard pig, but differ greatly from for example the Mangalitsa in appearance. As a meat pig they have a truly delicious micro marbled red meat. We offer only the best of our pure bred litters as breeding stock, making sure they are conformationally correct as well as having the right Meishan temperament!

Upcoming Litters

We are hoping to have piglets available by spring of 2021


Jao-Zi (Meaning dumpling in Chinese) is turning out to be a beautiful gilt with great conformation, good size, great feet, short snout and of course the wonderful floppy ears of a Mesiahn. Her coloring is classic Meishan as it should be. She is a real sweetheart to be around. We have high hopes that she has mated with our Jing and will update when we are sure.


Jing (meaning whale in Chinese- so named because of his snorting!!) is the most fabulous boar I have ever had the pleasure to work with when it comes to his temperament and disposition. Always pleasant and for ever the gentleman even when there are sows in heat around him. He truly has the optimal Meishan character and I’m hoping he will share that with his offspring. He He is currently in with out Jao-Zi.

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