Mangalitsa pigs

The Mangalitsa is a Hungarian breed that is rapidly gaining in popularity with small farms and hobby breeders, foodies and restaurants due to its tasty red meat. The breed almost went extinct due to the new way of factory pig farming where a lot of pigs are crammed into indoor spaces too small for them, causing a very unhealthy environment for both animals and humans. Mangalitsas thrive outdoors, they have long snouts made to root and forage and don’t do well in confinement. They also are slower to mature than the factory raised breeds, thus being less economical to raise for a quick turn around. Being a lard pig they didn’t fit in with the new lean white meat concept that has been being pushed by the food industry. However, once you remove the fat, you sadly remove much of the flavor and tenderness of the meat. The benefit of the Mangalitsa’s lard came as a complete surprise to me once I started studying the topic- not only is it white and creamy (even my hubby who cuts every itty bit of fat of his meat eats it with delight), but it also melts in your mouth. The lard and meat is also heart healthier than that of other pigs. According to independent scientific research by the College of Agriculture of Auburn University, “Mangalitsa meat is considerably higher in monounsaturated, or “good”, fatty acids and lower in undesirable saturated fats, factors that suggest Mangalitsa meat is healthier to consume”.


This is Peppa Pig and her sister Grizzy Bear. They are both blonde Mangalitsas.

Olivia who is our newest sow is half swallow belly and half blonde.

Upcoming Litters

Peppa Pig is pregnant and if we have the dates correct will have piglets in January.

Olivia had he first litter on 11/24/21She had 5 piglets, 3 girls and 2 boys.

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Our handsome boar Oliver is half swallowbelly and half red Mangalitsa , which makes him a strawberry blonde.

He has a very correct Mangalitsa phenotype and is on top of that very easy and pleasant to handle and deal with. He threw both swallowbellies and strawberry blondes when bred to Olivia.

Feeder pigs and butcher dates.

Exciting times! Our first butcher date is coming up as soon as our butcher can fit us in- it’s deer season, so it might not be until after it has ended. Depending on the demand we have one or three candidates ready to go.

Feeder pigs available from every litter. Please inquire regarding availability. Piglets will be ready to leave for a new home by 8 weeks old. Price for a piglet up to 12 weeks old is $250/pig. Males will be fixed unless otherwise requested.

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