Mangalitsa and Meishan Pigs

As our pigs are growing in size and so is our knowledge about raising them! We have decided to add a second breed to our farm that is smaller (will only grow to half the size of our Mangalitsas) and they are also a LOT easier to manage 🙂

The Mangalitsas are our first pigs and they are also called “the pig that looks like a sheep and acts like a dog”. Looking like a sheep makes for confusing moments when they break into the sheep pasture!

The Mangalitsas are intelligent, friendly, curious and funny. They are also extremely good foragers. Just look at their long snouts which they expertly use to turn any grassy field into MUD.

They are a lard pig and produce a beautifully red, marbled meat. This Hungarian heritage pig is slower to mature than the commercially raised breeds and they don’t do well in confinement. Because of these reasons the breed was almost extinct not so long ago, but are now slowly increasing in numbers as more and more farmers are raising them for their excellent meat.

One regular store bought pork chop and two Mangalitsa pork chops… what a difference!!

The Meishan Pig is listed as critical on the Livestock Conservancy list. There might only be 2000 Meishans in the world today. This Chinese pig grows to be between 3-400 lbs, has very long droopy ears and wrinkled skin -almost like a Sharpei (the dog). They are one of the oldest breeds in history, having been bred for 5000 years. They are bred to be extremely docile, friendly and do not root nearly as much as most other pigs which makes them kinder to the environment. They too are a slow to grow lard pig, with fantastic finely marbled red meat that is delicious to eat. This breed is known for being hyperprolific (having many piglets).

This is our girl! We are expecting our newest two family members in May, 2020 and can’t wait to meet them both!

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