Our Pigs

We have Mesihans, Mangalitsas and Tamworth pure bread pigs that we use as foundation stock for our mixed litters. The Meishan is listed as critically on the Livestock Conservancy list and we are honored to be working with the breed, promoting its virtues and hopefully add to its comeback. A well bred Meishan is without question the sweetest most endearing pig in the world. It’s wrinkly face and somewhat clumsy nature belies its adorable nature. A true “people person” it adores humans, and when we’re not around, prefers to eat or sleep! The piglets are alert and curious and trust easily.

We started with Mangalitsas due to their tasty meat. Next we got the Meishans for the added benefit of getting a more docile easy to handle pig that does not root as intensely as the Mangalitsas do. The two breeds are both lard breeds with red micro marbled meat. Cross breeding the two is supposed to give you a faster growing pig that either of the breeds alone. Our last step was to add a pure bred Tamworth sow to our farm. The Tamworth is another heritage breed and is said to be the ultimate bacon pig. She has a very long body, huge hams and bigger shoulders than our other breeds. Her first Meishan/Tamworth litter is by far our fastest growing and we are incredibly please with our mixes.

Meishan Breeding Stock

Mangalitsa breeding stock

Pigs for sale

Pork for sale: If you prefer not to raise your own pigs we usually retain a few to be able to sell as whole or half hogs. We can take them to the butcher and you can then pick up your box of frozen vacuum packed meat either directly from our butcher, or from us if that is easier. You have a choice regarding some of the cuts available. Contact us if interested.

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