Our Breeds of Pigs

Our pig journey started with the Hungarian Mangalitsa Pig. A woolly lard pig with red marbled meat and who do great outdoors. As personable and friendly as they are, and tasty (!!) they are expert rooters and can make a mud pit out of any area in 5 minutes flat. They are a lot of pig for our smaller acreage, and then we heard about the Meishan pigs.

The Meishan pigs are probably one of the oldest pig breeds in the world. It was their personality, ease of keep and flavorful meat that sold me on them, and I’m absolutely in LOVE with their docile and super sweet personalities. They look like a cross between the wrinkled Sharpei dog and Eeyore the donkey. All pigs root, but with the Meishan’s shorter noses they certainly root a lot LESS than many other breeds, making them a great choice for our 5 acres. The breed is listed as “critical” on the Livestock Conservancy List and keeping and breeding them makes us feel we are doing at least a little to promote and preserve this amazing breed.

We had the opportunity to trade one of our Mangas for a Tamworth gilt and so Rosie arrived to our farm. With her long body and big hams, she looks awesome. IIt’s said the Tamworth is the ultimate bacon pig. She just had her first litter of little Meishan / Tamworth crosses and boy are they CUTE! With this cross we are aiming for a red, micro marbled meat with exceptional flavor, in a more docile, faster growing pig. It will be exciting to see the results.

Meishan Breeding Stock and Expected Litters

Mangalitsa Breeding Stock and Expected Litters

Cross breeds Litters

Pork for sale: Per regulation we can only sell meat if it’s been butchered by a FDA approved butcher. We do sell a whole, half a quarter of a pig before they go to the butcher, which is allowed. We facilitate the butchering, and picking up of the meat for you. You can then pick up your box of frozen meat from us.

We are super excited to let you know that we are working on getting and FDA approved butcher! For those of you who want to buy only certain cuts or smaller amounts, we will have this to offer as well!

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