Our Pigs

We started with Mangalitsas. Then we got Meishans. And for us, the Meishan is the PERFECT pig. Sweet, calm, endearing, easy to handle, safe around kids and adults alike, lazy, a grazer- not a rooter, and of course, delicious! The Meishan is listed as “critical” at the Livestock Conservancy and we are honored to be working with this breed, promoting its virtues and hopefully add to its comeback. A well-bred Meishan is without question the sweetest most endearing pig in the world. It’s wrinkly face and somewhat clumsy nature belies its adorable nature. A true “people person” it adores humans, and when we’re not around, prefers to eat or sleep! The piglets are alert and curious and trust easily.

We started with Mangalitsas due to their tasty meat. After that we got the Meishans in order to get a more docile and easier to handle pig that would not root as intensely as the Mangalitsas do. The two breeds are both lard breeds with red micro marbled meat. We read that cross breeding the two would produce a faster growing pig than either of the breeds alone. We agree with this.

Today we have two different lines of this mix that we call the Meishalistas. We have just said goodbye to our very last purebred stubborn, destructive and loveable Mangalitsa in hopes of making farm life easier and thus a more enjoyable. Next, we added a purebred Tamworth sow to our farm. The Tamworth is another heritage breed and is said to be the ultimate bacon pig. The breed has a very long body, huge hams and big wide shoulders. Her first Meishan/Tamworth litter was by far our fastest growing and we are incredibly pleased.

Our end goal is to mix our Meshalistas with our Tamworth/Meishan line and hopefully get the ultimate tasting pork in a fast growing, nice, sweet and earth friendly package. So what to call them? Tamshalistas maybe?

To see our adults, click here.

Click here to see our available piglets.

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